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V.1 - Lexical Range (general)

English puzzle Can you guess the missing words?

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Can you guess what the missing words are in this sentence:

"52 w___ in a y___."

Did you guess right? The correct sentence should read '52 weeks in a year'.

English in the airport

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Are you planning to take a flight anytime soon? Here are some of the questions you'll probably hear in the airport and some example answers:


How many pieces of luggage do you have?
Only one.

Did you pack your luggage yourself?
Yes, I did.

Has anyone given you anything to take on the flight?
No, they haven't.

Do you have any hand-luggage?
Yes, I have one bag.

Culture Lesson: American Thanksgiving

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Read through the following information on American Thanksgiving and match up the key words (in bold) to their definitions:

Phrasal Verb - Move

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move away

Move away: To move away means that you leave one place to go and live in another.

'I was born in London, but we moved away to Liverpool when I was very young.'

Culture Lesson: Guy Fawkes Night

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November 5th is a famous day in British history. Guy Fawkes Night is celebrated on this day. Do you know who he was or why this day is celebrated? Let's find out about some British culture.


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We've all heard about Halloween. We've all seen movies about it. But do any of us know what Halloween is about?
Let me give you a quick background history.
The Celts celebrated the New Year on October 31st as this was the time that summer ended and the winter began. The Celts believed that with the winter darkness came, and with the darkness came evil spirits too.
They thought that on the night of October 31st that the physical world and spirit world came together and that spirits walked on the earth.

Jason's story - part 4

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Jason's story part 4

Please read part 4 of our story and choose the correct missing words. Some words are linked to the Cambridge Online Dictionary.

Parts of a car

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Take a look at the following pictures. All of these are of parts of a car. Match the picture (using the letters) to their correct names.

These are the key words you need:

handbrake / gear stick / boot / seatbelt / tyres / windscreen / bonnet / clutch / indicator / steering wheel / accelerator



A pair of...

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'A pair of...?'

A pair of is used with two things that look the same, are the same size and are meant to be used together.

A pair of shoes
A pair of pajamas
A pair of gloves

We also use a pair of for something that is made of two items joined together

British or American English?

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Do you know any differences between American and British English? You can test your knowledge here!

Read the following sentences and decide if they use British or American English:

Find out why. Click here!