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V.11 Synonyms and Antonyms

10 vocabulary questions

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We all want to build up our bank of English language words, so here's a quiz you should all take. All you have to do is match the key-word to its closest meaning. The key-words are used in context to give you a small hint:


Link: Improve your vocabulary

Improve your vocabulary!

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Let's try a synonym quiz. Take a look at the following sentences. Choose the words which has the closest meaning to the keywords. This is a great way to review and improve your English language skills.

Antonyms - what's the opposite?

Antonyms: what's the opposite?

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Here we take a look at antonyms. An antonym is basically the opposite word of another. For example the antonym of big is small, or the antonym of tall is short. Check out the following ten words and choose the correct antonym:

Link: Antonyms: choose the opposite word

Culture Lesson: East London

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Street sign in London's famous East End.

Whenever you hear the words 'London' and 'shopping' you probably automatically think Oxford Street, Regent Street or Covent Garden. But there is a kaleidoscope of possibilities and next time you’re in the capitol I suggest you get out of the centre and head East to get a real taste of what London has to offer.

Cultural Lesson: New York

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Build your vocabulary!

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Read through the ten sentences and then choose the words with the closet meanings:

Choose the correct synonym

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Take a look at the following seven sentences. Each sentence has a key-word. Choose which word has the same meaning as the key-word

Choose the antonym

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In this exercise you must find the antonyms of the the key words. An antonym is an opposite word (a synonym is a word that has the same meaning). Take a look at the following words and then choose the words which have the opposite meaning. Only choose one antonym for each question.

For example, big is the antonym of small.


Improve your vocabulary quiz

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Time to learn some new words!

Below you can see ten sentences. Choose the word which has the closest meaning to the key word in each sentence.

Make a note of any new words and try to use them in some sentences. You can use the 'comment' box to write your example sentences.


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'You ought to take an umbrealla' =Must?Should?Could?Must not?

Last week we looked at antonymns (opposites).  Today we look at synonyms: words which have similar meanings.

Read through the example sentences and choose the word which is the best match.