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Common Mistakes in Speaking and Writing

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Here are three errors that I regularly encounter inside and outside the classroom. Do you make these mistakes? Listen to yourself, and check your writing. These are some errors that are not deadly or fatal because native speakers usually understand what you mean. Because of that, they will rarely correct you. Nevertheless, these mistakes mark you as not quite as advanced or proficient in English as you may think you are.

Irregular Verbs

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Verbs are a very important part of learning English since every sentence must contain a subject and a verb. In addition to the base form of a verb, each verb has four principal parts which must be learned. The four principal parts are:

Reading - Staying Safe in the Summer

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With summer in full swing, in the northern hemisphere, and temperatures soaring, let's look at what we should be doing to protect ourselves from the _1_ rays of the sun. Extreme temperatures mean extra care needs to be taken.

When your skin's been exposed to too many of these rays, you get what's known as _2_. Ouch!

Word of the day: Spick and Span

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Adjective: spick and span (also spick-and-span, spic and span)

Environment Vocabulary - Saving our Planet

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Are you environmentally aware? Do you want to become an activist and try to change people's consumer habits?  Do you recycle and compost whenever possible? 

How many buzzwords connected to environmentalism do you recognize? 

Let's see how good you are.

This lesson was created by Evelyn Ono Vineberg, EC San Diego English School

Confusing Word Pairs

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AWL Academic Word List: 'B's and 'C's

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Here are ten more words on the AWL from the 'B' and 'C' list. BTW (=by the way), in the future, I'll start at the beginning of the alphabet again to pick up words not yet covered. Remember that there are 570 words altogether on the AWL, so it will take several weeks to cover them all.

Word of the day: Shambles

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English in the Kitchen

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Hey, guys.  What's cooking?

How good are you in the kitchen? Are you the kind of person who burns salad?!

Let's put your knowledge of kitchen vocabulary to the test.

Link: Vocabulary Lesson - Things you find in an office

Link: English in the station

Invent, Discover and Establish

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Let's take a look at three verbs which English learners often find confusing. They are useful for talking about people and organisations in history.


(Verb) To design and/or create something which has never been made before.
"Karl Benz invented the car in 1885."
Noun: Invention