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English in the hotel

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How well could you get by using English in a hotel? Let's find out!

Learn English Vocabulary

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Here's a quiz to help you learn English words. Choose the words that have the closest meaning to the key words. Only choose one word per question.

Link: Learn More English Words

English for Angry Situations

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These are some useful adjectives, idioms and slang you can use the next time someone gets angry.

Angry Adjectives:

Here are some adjectives that we use that mean angry. They are show strong anger. They can be used in any situation - none of them are slang.

Learn collocations

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An important part of improving your English is learning which words go together to make natural English sentences. These combinations of words are called collocations.

Do we make a mistake or do a mistake? Which is the correct verb? Make is the verb that collocates with mistake.

Try this quiz and don't make any mistakes!

Prepositions Quiz

Average: 3.9 (55 votes)

It's prepositions time again. The best way to learn them is through practice. Read through the ten sentences and choose the correct missing prepositions.

Finished already? Then try another exercise:

Link: 10 Prepositions Questions

Link: Quiz on Prepositions


Hi to everybody. I met a word "quid" and I can't find it's translation. What it's mean? Thanks in advance

In the news: New Zealand couple become millionaires by accident

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Imagine that one day you apply for an overdraft of $6,300 from your local bank, and then you find out that the bank have mistakenly paid $6m into your bank account. That's what happened to a New Zealand couple who benefited from a banking error. Finding millions of dollars accidentally deposited into their account, they withdrew $6m before fleeing New Zealand and vanishing!

Ground rule

does anyone know what does "ground rule" mean?

Is it a basic/fundamental rule?

Please help me!!

Thanks in advance


Learn English Verbs

Average: 3 (7 votes)

Let's take a look at some English verbs. Read through the seven sentences and choose the verb that best completes each sentence.


General Quiz - Time to review!

Average: 3.2 (17 votes)

Here's a quiz to test your general knowledge of English. If you get any of these questions wrong, let us know which ones and we'll explain the answers. Don't be shy, leave your comments below:

Link: 10 vocabulary questions