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Weekend Reading - Tom Thumb

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Read the first paragraph of the famous children's story 'Tom Thumb' and choose the correct missing word to complete each sentence:

A poor woodman sat in his cottage one night, smoking his pipe by the fireside, while his wife sat by his side spinning.

Long Time No SEE

Long Time No See has been accepted; and now can I say "No Table " with Table ( for both meanings in English and American )as a verb like See in the previous sentence? Or, again No Go as a verb when something won't happen as we expected it would.
Thanks and Please!

Could you tell me wat it means?

I and my friend talked abt a guy who cheated on his girlfriend with another girl. My friend said that she would kick his sorry ass. What did she mean with " his sorry ass"? plz help me make it clear.

Thanks a lot!

In the news: World's Cheapest Car

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Indian car maker Tata has just launched the world's cheapest car: the new 'Tata Nano' will cost an estimated $2000 and is being aimed at the Indian market where it's hoped that the cheap price will tempt motorcyclists to trade up to cars.

10 Prepositions Questions!

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You're always asking for more prepositions practice so here you are: 10 prepositions questions.

Simply choose the correct missing preposition in each sentence.

There are lot's of other preposition exercises on this site. Here are some links:

Prepositions Test

Prepositions plus '-ing'

Common mistakes in English - Do you make any of these?

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Take a look at these sentences; they are all classic mistakes that can be heard in English classrooms around the world. Do you know what is wrong with each sentence? Most English teachers hear these mistakes all the time so don'’t worry if you have been saying them – you are not alone!
Now is your chance to say them right!

The sentences in blue are WRONG!

What does 'Jump the Shark' mean?

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I was reading something online the other day when I came across this interesting expression: 'jump the shark'.

Weekend Reading - Do You 'Work Out'?

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Quick Tip - How to use Either and Neither

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Compare the following comparative sentences:

"I'd like to go to either Spain or Italy."

"The problem is I have neither time nor money.'

Is it a Noun or an Adjective?

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"He finished the race with ease."

"He finished the race with easy."

Which is correct?

I hope you said ease because the noun form is needed in this sentence (easy is an adjective).

Take a look at the following ten sentences. What's missing in each one: a noun or an adjective?