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Learn informal English

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Cultural Lesson: Brighton Music Scene

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Meaning of "aged"

"They started life at zero and aged to 500 hours"

Verb Collocations

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"Go diving" or "go to diving'?

When learning English it's important to learn collocations. Collocations are groups of  words that appear together in a sentence. Take a look at the following verb collocations. Each verb goes with a word or phrase:

Phrasal Verb - Stay

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"Even though it was raining, she wanted to stay out."

Here are some phrasal verbs using the word stay:

<Boredom & co>


I read in a lesson "She suffers from boredom when it rains".
I would like to know if she can be considered as meteorophatic.

What's the meaning of

Surprise reliability-wise related/connected Surprise

Time to improve your vocabulary!

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"By going away to university she's entering a new phase in her life."

Take a look at the following ten sentences and then try matching the words in bold to their definitions below:

The Year of the Ox: Personality Adjectives

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Culture Lesson: Chinese New Year!

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Read the following information on the Chinese New Year and then match the key words to their meanings below: