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Can we use word 'hot' as verb

I read the phrase ' hotting up' in Pakistan's prestigious newspaper, 'Dawn' the other day. Can we use hot as a verb instead of heat.

Improve your vocabulary quiz

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Time to learn some new words!

Below you can see ten sentences. Choose the word which has the closest meaning to the key word in each sentence.

Make a note of any new words and try to use them in some sentences. You can use the 'comment' box to write your example sentences.

Cooking verbs

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Fry? boil? spread? stir? bake? grill? whisk?

Can you cook? I prefer eating to cooking. As much as I hate washing dishes, cooking is an important skill because everyone loves a good cook. Today we take a look at 7 cooking verbs. All you have to do is match the pictures to the correct verbs.

The verbs you need are:

Phrasal Verb - 'Bring'

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'We were worried but the doctor was able to bring her to.'

Today we take a look at phrasal verbs which use the verb 'bring'. Below you will find a definition of each with example sentences. When you have finished, try the quiz at the bottom.

bring about

to cause something to happen:

Reading for information practice

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Read the following tour information about a trip to Rome, then answer the 'True or False' questions.

In the news: crime vocabulary

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Have your ever been the victim of a crime?

Have you ever witnessed a crime?

Have you ever committed a crime?

The Never Ending Story

To help with your vocabulary, grammar and reading we are all going to write a story. Today I will start the story and each of you must add to it so that it continues on and on.

Here is the first part of the story for the next person to continue:

Parts of Speech

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‘It gets hectic around here at lunchtime’ Is 'hectic' a verb, noun or adjective?

English speech can be separated into eight basic categories:


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'You ought to take an umbrealla' =Must?Should?Could?Must not?

Last week we looked at antonymns (opposites).  Today we look at synonyms: words which have similar meanings.

Read through the example sentences and choose the word which is the best match. 

Antonyms: choose the opposite word

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'The opposite of high is...'

Everything has an opposite (antonym):

The opposite of  up is down.

The opposite of black is white.

The oppostite of night is day.


Please choose the correct opposite to complete each sentence: