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Ways to say hello and goodbye

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 Here we take a look at some set expressions we use in spoken English to start and end conversations.

ways to start a conversation

You probably know and use the question 'How are you?'

You can also use these in casual spoken English:

'What's happening?'

What are 'imperatives'?

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Compare these two sentences:
1) 'Could you close the door?'
2) 'Close the door.'

You probably think that the first sentence is more polite than the second – and you are right.

1) is a request. We are asking someone to do something.
2) is an instruction. We are telling some what to do.

How to advise someone (not) to do something

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Uncle Bob would like anyone who will sit down long enough to listen to believe that he is plagued by the most unbelievable misfortune known to man. Think of any possible problem the universe can inflict upon humankind and you can rest assured that Uncle Bob has been through it and survived to tell the tale. And he will tell the tale. Again. And again and again until you find yourself unconsciously clutching a butter knife with murder in mind.

Make collocations: using 'make' excercise

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'Be careful that you don't make a mistake!'

Correct word-order exercise

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Put the following words into the correct order, like this:



You can buy a drink after the performance.

reading information on signs

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'Tell us what each sign means'

'BUY THIS!', 'BUY THAT!', 'DON'T' TOUCH THIS!,'DON'T TOUCH THAT!' Everywhere we look we can see signs telling us what to do and giving us information. But what do they mean? Let's find out!

Below you can see senetences taken from nine signs. Choose the correct meaning for each sign.


Business English: Sporting idioms in business

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Business English

  'Approaching the finish line.'

It's a sporting summer with the Beijing Olympics underway. In Business English we use a number of idioms (natural English expressions) which are connected to sport.

Here are a few of the most common. Which sports do you think they are connected to?

Idioms using nationalities and countries

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It’s the first day of the Summer Olympic in Beijing and as the Olympics is a truly global event we thought we would give you some Idioms and natural English expressions which use the names of countries and nationalities. These expressions are mostly used in spoken English.

Wherever you come from, I hope your country does well! 

To go Dutch – to split the bill in a restaurant between everyone who ate together.

In the travel agency: booking a package holiday Q&A

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'What's included in this package?'

During the long hot summer, it’s always nice to take some time off and, if you can afford it, go on a trip somewhere.

Imagine that you are in a travel agency. A travel agency is the place where you go to book a holiday. They can help you with flights and hotels.

In the shop: shopping English

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'No, thanks. I'm just looking.'

Take a look at the ten questions and statements below. All of these are useful expressions we use when we are shopping. Try and match the sentences to the situations.  When you answer, use numbers in the spaces below.