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Jason's story - part 2: reading, grammar and vocab exercise

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 'Jason's Story part 2'

Read part 2 of our story and choose the word which best fits for the 8 spaces. When you are finished click on the links for their meaning. The links in the story will take you to the Cambridge Online Dictionary.

You can read part 1 of the story here.


Already fifteen minutes late for class, Jason slumped onto his chair in the back row of the class. _1_ the faces, including his teacher’s, turned to stare at him.

‘And what’ his teacher barked ‘is your excuse this week, Jason?’

I was…er…looking for my homework, sir.’

‘So you’ve done your homework this week Jason?’

‘Er…well, sir, the thing is…’

The class giggled and the maths teacher, seeing that there was _2_ point in continuing a pointless conversation, sighed, shook his head and _3_back to face the whiteboard, leaving Jason completely focused on not focusing on the lesson. He was safe in the knowledge that his teacher, Mr.Slugg, was not _4_ to speak to him again for the rest of the class. That’s the way it always was in maths.

Jason turned his attention to the much more important subject of looking out of the window. This was something that he was an _5_ at.

His concentration was _6_ by a punch in the ribs from his friend Neil who always sat next to him.

‘What?’ Jason gasped in surprise more than in pain.

‘I’ve got something to show you after class, but we’ll have to skip our next lesson.’ Neil’s eyes were _7_ of eager excitement.

We’ll have to go down to near the river,’ Neil continued, ‘you’ll never guess what I found down there!’

Neil was right: Jason couldn’t guess. It didn’t matter, though. The important thing was that they were going to skip school and, from the look on Neil’s face, it would be for something that would lead them on an _8_. 


To be continued…

Link: Jason's Story - part 1

  • 1= The missing word is.

  • 2= The missing word is

  • 3= The missing word is

  • 4= The missing word is

  • 5= The missing word is

  • 6= The missing word is

  • 7= The missing word is

  • 8= The missing word is