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Less V's Fewer

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less hair than I used to have.We use less of something with non-countable nouns: 'less sugar, less hair, less time'. You can only have fewer items of a plural/ countable nouns: 'fewer people, fewer cars, fewer shops'.You can have less money, but you can't have less five pound notes. You have fewer five pound notes! So in the supermarket the checkout sign should read: ‘10 items or fewer’ and not ‘10 items or less’ Try the exercise below using only fewer or less in your answers. Good Luck! Key Words Traffic -  (noun) the amount of cars on the road.Pollution - dirty air, water or land. Usually caused by waste. The verb is to pollute. Luggage - (noun) bags or baggage.

  • There is traffic after 9am than at 8am.
  • Pollution in my hometown is becoming a problem. There was of it 5 years ago.
  • workers attracted to factory jobs because of the conditions.
  • Samantha got birthday cards this year. That's what happens as you get older.
  • We had snow than we expected
  • Due to airline restrictions, people take luggage with them on flights.