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10 Useful Synonyms

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Synonyms are words that are similar or have a related meaning to another word. For example, small and little have the same meanings. Beautiful and gorgeous are also synonyms.

Can you match the words on the left to their synonyms on the right?

Hate Wealthy
Loud Tiny
Hurry Noisey
Strange Furious
Small Odd
Angry Rush
Common Despise
Rich Typical
Easy Massive
Huge Simple

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Now only using the words in right column (the bold words), complete these sentences.

  • 1) The socks babies wear are cute because they are so small.
  • 2) Her taste in clothing is rather . No one dresses like her.
  • 3) She must be because she lives in a beautiful house and drives a sports car.
  • 4) We had to to catch our train on time.
  • 5) My wife was with me because I forgot our anniversary.
  • 6) The questions on the test were to answer, I thought they would be much harder.
  • 7) My neighbours are so I can't sleep at night. They play music all night!
  • 8) The portions in American restaurants are , they were way too big for me.
  • 9) It's of her to be late, she's always doing it.
  • 10) I bullying, I think it is the worst thing in the world.