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Between and Among

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Here we take a look at the prepositions of place between and among. We'll look at how to use them and the difference between them.


Between means 'in or into the space which separates at least two places, people or objects.'

'The post office is between the bank and the shop.'
'On the flight I sat between Michael and David.'
'Cambodia is between Thailand and Viet Nam.'


Among means in 'the middle of or surrounded by other things.' It is used for groups or a mass of at least three. We see the people or things as part of a group. Amongst has the same meaning, but is more formal.

'Did you see me? I was standing among a group of schoolchildren.'
'I searched among my things for my passport.'
'The wolf was hiding among the trees.'

Now read the following sentences and decide if between or among is needed:


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  • The two boys divided the sweet ___ themselves.

  • Cardiff is ___ Newport and Swansea.

  • You can only choose ___ the red or blue.

  • It was found ___ all the books in the library.

  • During the game, I had to sit ___ a large group of supporters of the other team.

  • ___ the five of us, none of us like fish.

  • He hit him right ___ the eyes!