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Body parts

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We learn words such as ‘arm’ and ‘leg’ in our first English classes.

But can you remember the smaller, less obvious parts of the body.

In each sentence is a scrambled body part.

All you need to do is unscramble the word to find the body part.
Lesson by Caroline

1. I hate tweezing my rboswyee, it’s so painful!
2. I never wear skinny jeans because I have a huge complex about my ghsthi.
3. Can you flare your riltsson?
4. If you want to hitchhike, you should just stick your humbt out.
5. My friend Adelle has such beautiful long lshaseyee.
6. I never want to have my lapm read, I don’t think you can tell the future from a few lines.
7. When I was seven, I broke my nklea when I fell off the tree I was climbing.
8. These new shoes rub my left eelh. Maybe I have one foot bigger than the other.
9. I always had to kiss my relatives on the heekc when I was little. I hated it.
10. My stswir are really weak, I can’t do handstands.

  • 1 - 'rboswyee' is:
  • 2 - 'ghsthi' is:
  • 3 - 'riltsson' is:
  • 4 - 'humbt' is:
  • 5 - 'lshaseyee' is:
  • 6 - 'lapm' is:
  • 7 - 'nklea' is:
  • 8 - 'eelh' is:
  • 9 - 'heekc' is:
  • 10 - 'stswir' is: