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Business English: Apple launch iPhone 6

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Yesterday was an exciting day for Apple, tech and gadget lovers. At a keynote event in California, Apple unveiled the latest addition their iPhone series. These unveilings prompt massive world-wide media coverage including minute-by-minute updates.

As well as introducing two iPhones with larger screens, the company also previewed a highly anticipated smartwatch, which combines health and fitness monitoring with mobile computer capabilities like maps.

There was much interest in the I Watch because it was the first new product launched since the death of former CEO, Steve Jobs. People had wondered if Apple could continue to innovate without the creative Jobs heading the company.

Now decide which of the words in the text are being described:

  • 1) The most important part:

  • 2) To show people something for the first time:

  • 3) To think with pleasure and excitement about something that is going to happen:

  • 4) To make a product available for the first time:

  • 5) To have new ideas about how something can be done:

  • 6) Leading: