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Call my Bluff

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Today we're going to play a little game called Call my Bluff.

In this activity we have chosen ten unusual words. Each word has two descriptions of the word; only one of which is true. You must then guess the true definition.

Did you know the word bluff means to make somebody believe something that is not true? It's similar to a lie but we bluff people as part of a joke or a game. It does not necessarily have a negative meaning.

Decide which is the correct definition:

  • 1. Bungalow

  • 2. Charisma

  • 3. Dollop

  • 4. Gargle

  • 5. Moist

  • 6. Peculiar

  • 7. Penultimate

  • 8. Valedictorian

  • 9. Shriek

  • 10. Mediocre