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Culture Lesson - Thanksgiving Holiday in USA

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Did you know that the fourth Thursday of November is an important holiday in America? It's Thanksgiving! Here's some information on why and how Americans celebrate.  

Thanksgiving is _A_ on the fourth Thursday of November in the United states. Thanksgiving is a _B_ festival. At this time we give thanks for all the _C_ , such as grain and vegetables, successfully grown and collected by farmers. Thanksgiving dates back to the first European _D_ who established a colony in America and had their first successful harvest in 1619.

Thanksgiving today is a family time for Americans. Family members gather and eat special meals. For most Thanksgiving is not Thanksgiving without eating _E_. This may be followed by watching live sport on TV. American football is an important part of many Thanksgiving celebrations in the United States. Professional games are traditionally held on Thanksgiving Day. Major cities also hold spectacular _F_ where thousands of people watch the special vehicles drive by. These vehicles, known as 'floats', feature scenes from Broadway plays, large balloons of cartoon characters and TV personalities. Marching bands are also a regular feature.

Thanksgiving did not become a _G_ holiday until 1941, so now all public buildings are closed and everyone gets a, paid, day off.

  1. turkey
  2. harvest
  3. parades
  4. federal
  5. settlers
  6. celebrated
  7. crops


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