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Do you have ANY idea when to use SOME and ANY?

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Today's lesson comes from Danica at EC Cape Town English Language School

Some basic guidelines:

We use ANY

  • in most questions, e.g. "Have you watched any good movies lately?"
  • with negative ideas or contexts, e.g. "I haven’t watched any good movies."
  • when it doesn’t matter, e.g. "We can watch any movie, it doesn’t matter which one."
  • in if-sentences, e.g. "If anyone wants to watch a movie with me we can go tonight."

We use SOME

  • in questions where we expect or have reason to believe the answer is yes, when we have some evidence to support the question, e.g. "Why are you on the floor? Are you looking for something?"
  • when we offer something, e.g. "Would you like some coffee?"
  • with positive or affirmative ideas or contexts, e.g. "Last night someone broke into my house."

Complete the following sentences with:

  • anyone
  • anywhere
  • anything
  • any
  • someone
  • somewhere
  • something
  • some

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  • 1) I'm not hungry. I don’t want to eat.
  • 2) If has a question please ask me tomorrow.
  • 3) Yesterday we bought flowers for our teacher.
  • 4) Does fun ever happen in Cape Town?
  • 5) I heard a knock, is at the door.
  • 6) We didn’t go this holiday, we just stayed at home.
  • 7) You must be thirsty! Would you like water?
  • 8) What do you want to do tonight? We can do , I don’t mind.
  • 9) Why do you look so sad? Did bad happen?
  • 10) They’ve recently discovered ancient human bones in Southern Africa.