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Do you know these 8 abbreviations?

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How would you read LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and how would you read NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)?

LCD is an abbreviation. When we say the word we say it as three separate letters L-C-D.

NATO is an acronym. When we say an acronym we say it like a usual word, nato.

Abbreviations are becoming more and more common in today's world. The internet-age and IM (instant messaging) have given us plenty of new ones - especially to fit messages into the 160-character limit of an SMS (Short Message Service).

I'm sure you are aware of LOL (laugh out loud), GF (girl friend) and OMG (oh my God). Is it because we are getting lazier? Possibly! However, as your English passes intermediate level, it is important to learn them.

Here are some common abbreviations and their meanings as well as some example sentences. These abbreviations have been used in English for many years.

8 Common Abbreviations

RIP - rest in peace
FYI - for your information
B&B - bed and breakfast
AGM - annual general meeting
EFL - English as a foreign language
BYOB - bring your own bottle
TLC - tender loving care
VIP - very important person

Can you match the correct abbreviations to each sentence? Good luck!

  • 1. All that Amy needs to feel better is some ___.

  • 2. The ___ for Samsung will be held in London this year.

  • 3. We stayed at a lovely ___ which was very near the venue.

  • 4. I love working as an ___ teacher and seeing my students progress.

  • 5. The party is going to be held at our house and we encourage you to ___!

  • 6. We are getting a ___ to launch our new product.

  • 7. ___ Abigail. You will be missed by us all.

  • 8. ___, I have lived in this country for ten years so I know this taxi ride shouldn’t cost that much.