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English Vocab Challenge! Can you get 10/10?

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It seems that you users of our site like taking vocabulary exercises that test your general knowledge. Here's another quiz that looks at common words and expressions that you'll find English speakers frequently using. You might not see all these words in traditional English textbooks, but I promise you they are useful.

There are 10 questions all featuring words that are sometimes confused by English learners.

Take the quiz and tell us how many you got correct. Can anyone get 10/10? Be honest - no cheating.

Link: Vocab Excercise - How well can you do?

Link: English in the hotel


  • 1 - A fortnight means:

  • 2 - When something is 'filthy' it is:

  • 3 - "She is ___.":

  • 4 - "I'm going ___.":

  • 5 - Someone whose job is to give advice to people about the law and speak for them in court is:

  • 6 - 'Fog' is:

  • 7 - Piano, guitar and violin are all examples of musical ___:

  • 8 - Have you ever ___ a sports car?:

  • 9 - When someone is 'chubby' they are a little:

  • 10 - When two people end their marriage, they: