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Extreme Adjectives

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Extreme adjectives are words that give extra emphasis to the subject they describe: For example, "funny" is a normal adjective expressing that something makes us laugh, but "hilarious" is an extreme adjective which shows that something makes us laugh a lot. In other words, "hilarious" means "very funny".

In most cases, it is not necessary to use "very" with extreme adjectives e.g. "This movie's very hilarious", sounds a little strange because "hilarious" is a strong enough word that doesn't require "very" to add extra strength. Here are more examples along with their meanings.

Extreme Adjectives

Boiling - very hot
Freezing - very cold
Huge - Very big
Tiny - very small
Filthy - very dirty
Spotless - very clean
Furious - very angry
Exhausted - very tired
Packed - very crowded
Ancient - very old

Now complete these sentences with the best extreme adjective from the examples above.

  • 1 - When was the last time you cleaned up in here? This place is !There's dirt everywhere.
  • 2 - The runner felt at the end of the marathon. All she wanted was a long rest.
  • 3 - The roads were this morning. There's too much traffic on the roads.
  • 4 - You've got to buy some new shoes. Those ones look . How many years have you had them?
  • 5 - You won't need a jacket today, it's outside.
  • 6 - Dad was with me for crashing his car!
  • 7 - Russia in winter is . I hope you like the cold!
  • 8 - Her apartment is . It's much bigger than mine.
  • 9 - I sweep the floor every day because I want to keep it .
  • 10 - Susan's baby was when I first saw her. She's really growen since then. She's big now.