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Find the 10 mistakes

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We've had a lot of requests for another find the mistakes quiz. Like last month's lesson, all you have to do find the one mistake in each sentence. Rewrite the correct sentences in the comments area.

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Ten sentences, ten mistakes

1) I'll be with you in a moment, please being patient.

2) She do judo in her spare time.

3) I can't find my key anywhere, I hope I haven't losed it.

4) Your the most intelligent person I have ever met.

5) Pauls car has a broken mirror.

6) We tried listening, but we couldn't hear nothing.

7) I haven't seen her since I quited going to the gym.

8) Who's mobile phone keeps ringing?

9) She said she has never been to abroad.

10) I don't like the beach because I can't swimming.

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