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Finding Information in English

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This is a challenging lesson that will take some time and commitment. But, if you stick with it you will be able to practise your English is a very authentic situation.

Imagine you're going to visit The Barbican arts centre in London, but you have a lot of questions. Go to the website below, and see if you can find all the answers to your questions.

The Barbican is Europe's largest multi-arts and conference venue presenting a diverse range of art, music, theatre, dance, film and education events. It is also home to the London Symphony Orchestra

Good luck!
Lesson by Caroline Devane

Search for answers here: http://www.barbican.org.uk

  • 1. What time does the box office open on a Sunday?

  • 2. How much does it cost to leave a coat in the cloakroom?

  • 3. How many seats are there in the Barbican theatre?

  • 4. What is offered at the Barbican foodhall?

  • 5. Who should I PHONE if I need extra travel information?

  • 6. Are there parking facilities available at the Barbican?

  • 7. How many membership types are there, and what are they called?