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Future Continuous and Future Perfect

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A lesson about the Future Continuous and Future Perfect Verb Tenses:

Look at the itinerary of an organised trip in Cape Town centre this weekend.

A Historical Tour in Cape Town City Central

10:00 Everybody meets at the bottom of Heerengracht Street at the fountain.
10:15 Walk to the Castle of Good Hope. Pass the train and bus station and taxi ranks.
10:30 Guided tour of Castle for 90 min. A 30 min break and free coffee and cake included.
12:30 Meet as Perseverance, the oldest pub in South Africa, for a traditional South African lunch.
14:00 Walk past the parliament buildings and stroll through the Company’s Gardens.
15:00 Guided tour of the early inhabitants of Cape Town at the National History Museum.
15:30 Break for 60 min. Feel free to explore rest of museum and visit souvenir shop.
16:30 Taxi takes us to the Waterfront
17:00 Embark on a 3 hour sunset cruise around beautiful Table Bay.

Lesson by Danica, EC Cape Town English school

Choose the correct option:

  • 1) At 10:20:

  • 2) At 10:50:

  • 3) At 12:30:

  • 4) At 15:30:

  • 5) At 16:40:

  • 6) At 17:10:

  • 7) At 20h10: