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Future continuous and future perfect

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Future Continuous

We use the future continuous to talk about something that will be in progress in the future.
Don't ring me between 4 o’clock and 5 o'clock. I'll be doing my workout at the gym.
The parade will be passing this corner at around 7 o'clock.

We also use the future continuous to speak about actions that we ‘think’ are happening as we speak.
They will be having lunch at this time.
The teams will be relaxing now as it’s almost two hours to the start of the game.

The future continuous is formed with will+be+_ing.

Future Perfect

We use the future perfect to say that a situation or action will be complete at a specific time in the future.
By the time you arrive I'll have prepared dinner.
I'll have worked here for ten years by next month.
The results will be coming out in a few hours.
'by' and 'in' are often used with the future perfect.

Future Perfect Continuous

If we want to focus on duration we can use the future perfect continuous:
I'll have worked here for ten years by next month – focus on the date.
I'll have been working here for ten years next month – focus on duration.

Lesson by Tristan, teacher at EC Malta English school

  • 1) What ___ for the reception?

  • 2) He ___ the report by the time you start the meeting.You won't walk in without it.

  • 3) I think that we ___ on Mars by the middle of this century.

  • 4) They ___ at around 6 o'clock in the morning.

  • 5) It's useless calling now, they ___ on your car.

  • 6) How long do you think ___ on the project by the time it's ready?