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Future Plans

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We use different verb forms to talk about the future. There are a few verb forms we use to talk about plans for the future. This depends on what kind of plans they are.


We use will to talk about a decision made at the time you are speaking. It was not a plan before that.
I think I’ll stay in tonight.
I just got a text from my mum. I’ll phone her later.
We don’t have any bread. I’ll buy some when I go out.

Going to

We use going to when we talk about plans decided before the time we are talking about them.
I am going to phone my mum when the film finishes. She sent me a text.
I am going to stay in tonight. I’ve already told Marc not to wait for me.
I know about the bread. I am going to get some. I wrote it on the list.

Present continuous

We usually use the present continuous when the plan is an arrangement with someone else. When we use the present continuous for future plans we are saying that we know the time and place. The present continuous is usually used to speak about people's future plans.
I'm meeting Fred tomorrow at 11 o'clock.
She’s having her birthday party on the beach. Are you coming?
Are you doing anything this weekend?

Lesson by Tristan, teacher at EC Malta English school

Which is the best form for these sentences?

  • 1) It’s a beautiful day. I think ___ for a walk in the park.

  • 2) Karen ___ a party for her birthday. She has already invited over fifty people.

  • 3) I didn't know they’ve opened a new cafe in town. ___ when I’m there this afternoon.

  • 4) Sarah ___ to New York for her next holiday. She has already booked a show on Broadway.

  • 5) ___ the red dress for the party. I need to get the right shoes for it.

  • 6) ___ anything for your birthday? It's next week isn't it?