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Gerunds – the 'ing' form

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A gerund is formed by adding ‘ing’ to the end of a verb. This form is like a noun.

I like listening to music.
Watching TV is not always good for you.
Doing exercise is important.
I spent the whole morning studying.
My hobby is playing the guitar.
They enjoy partying.

In each of the sentences above the –ing form is a noun not a verb.

The gerund can have a possessive noun or pronoun before it.

I don’t want you misunderstanding me.
We were amazed by his singing.
Don’t be angry with her coming late.

Now complete the following using the correct form.

  • 1. He likes _ early.

  • 2. We went to _ together.

  • 3. She enjoys _ cakes.

  • 4. _ is a good way to open your mind.

  • 5. She loves _ shoes.

  • 6. Children hate _ to bed.