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Give Up TV

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A few days ago I posted a lesson on having a healthy lifestyle. Today my thoughts are a little similar, but different. Today I'd like you to think about having a healthier mind. I'm talking about _1_ TV! Well, at least if we can't completely stop we should consider _2_ on the amount we watch.

In the past I had favourite shows that I just didn't want to miss. I'd look forward to them, enjoy watching them and then talk about them the next day. It's now almost impossible for me to get excited by TV. I guess the problem is the amount of TV that is available. 24 hours of it with endless channels. As a result the quality has suffered. Whenever I sit in front of my TV to see what's on, I end up _3_, never watching a programme for a longer than a few seconds before flicking to the next channel. I'm always in hope of finding something interesting to watch and always disappointed.

It seems to me that TV is now designed for people much younger than I am. Maybe the reason that I find TV so boring is that shows are not created with people like me in mind. Fair enough. Whenever people in my work talk about the latest 'must see' show I give it a go. Usually, the show turns out to be terrible or I think 'That was ok, but I don't want to watch it every week' and one episode is usually enough for me.

So what am I doing with my non-TV time? Everything you would expect; I read more, go out more and spend more time _4_ with my family. 

I want to know what your attitude is to TV, do you love it or _5_ it? Do you think my opinion is correct or do you think that I'm a lunatic.

a: loathe - hate
b: cutting down - reduce
c: channel surfing - quickly changing from one TV channel to another
d: interacting - communicating with
e: giving up - stop/quit

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