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Glastonbury Festival

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Read this article about an event that happens most years in England. Pay particular attention to the words in orange.

Students studying at our Bristol English school have something very special to do this June that's happening less than one hour away.

During the summer, a part of South West England's sleepy countryside is temporarily transformed into a huge pop-up city when the small town of Glastonbury hosts a 4-day contemporary music festival which attracts more than 150,000 people. Throughout the year the site is a working farm, but for a few days in June, the cows are replaced with stages, food stalls, portable toilets and a sea of tents!

Now over 40 years old, the festival is the largest in Britain and one of the most famous in the world.

Glastonbury is as notorious for its weather as it is famous for its music. Traditionally summer rain and mud are all part of festival experience so wellies are essential!

Glastonbury was not held last year due to the London Olympics and to allow the farmland to recover. This year it is back with a line-up including the Rolling Stones, Arctic Monkeys and Mumford & Sons.

Have you heard of it? have you been? would you like to?

Which definition is the best match for the orange words above?

  • 1 - Temporarily means:

  • 2 - Pop-up means:

  • 3 - Contemporary means:

  • 4 - Notorious means:

  • 5 - Wellies means:

  • 6 - Essential means:

  • 7 - Recover means: