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Going on holiday - A letter from Caroline - elementary reading

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Here's a short letter from me about my upcoming holiday to Tenerife! I've removed some of the vacation related vocabulary. Read through the letter and try and fit the words in the correct gaps.

Key Words


In exactly twenty days I will be flying to Tenerife for a short break! I've been going there since I was little so I know the village we stay in very well. We stay in the same _1_ each time and often know a lot of the other guests on holiday there. This year I'm bringing along my best friend Philippa, who also came with me last time. She is part of my family and known and loved by not just my Mum and Dad but my aunts and uncles too.

The _2_ journey takes about four hours, then the journey from the airport is a half hour drive. The first thing I'll do when I get there is jump in the _3_ . Hopefully it will be about 23 _4_, which is perfect for me. When I lived in Cape Town and the weather went over 30 I used to feel dreadful!

Although it's close, I don't often go to the _5_, it's much more relaxing to stay by the pool. I used to when I was little and my brother and I would build _6_ and jump in the waves.

I will also eat a lot and go to my favourite _7_! I love Spanish food and the waiters are very sweet and let me practise my terrible Spanish with them.

Mostly, I will read and sunbathe although with my pale skin I need to use a lot of sun-cream.

I'm so excited and I cannot wait to get away for a little bit. January has been a very busy month with lots of studying and working.

I just hope I don't get stung by a jellyfish like I did ten years ago!

Jellyfish don't live in pools...right?
By Caroline Devane

Match the key words to the 7 missing words.

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