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Good News for Chocoholics

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Chocoholics across the world, I have some excellent news!

Read the article below and then decide which word completes each gap.

I've given you the meanings of the words to help you complete the exercise, as well as a few pieces of useful vocabulary.

The useful vocabulary DO NOT FIT THE GAPS, it is just there to help you out. Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline Devane

Useful Vocabulary:

Trim - slim and fit.
Confectionary - sweets and chocolates.
Dip your toes into something - to slowly and carefully try something for the first time because you are not sure if it will work or not.
Cult - something seen as fashionable or significant by a specific group.

Missing Words:

Launch - to release a new product publically.
Attract - to bring people to something.
Requested - asked for.
Impromptu - unplanned and spontaneous.
Success - accomplishment, something completed successfully.
Fans - a follower and admirer of something or someone.

Cadbury branches out into pampering products

Chocoholics wishing to stay trim will soon have another way to get their cocoa fix as Cadbury is to _1_ a range of bath products which smell like three new flavours of its Dairy Milk Bliss bar.

The confectionary giant has joined forces with cosmetic company Anatomicals to create a truffle bath creme, toffee body butter and a hazelnut exfoliating wash.

But sweet-toothed _2_ of the brown stuff won't be able to pick this chocolate treat up from any old corner shop. The limited edition products will only be available from John Lewis and online fashion store asos.com.

Cadbury's Bliss bars launched in September last year, while the range of good-enough-to-eat bath products will be available to buy in June.

This is the first time Cadbury has dipped its toe into this new market, which it hopes will _3_ young females and support what they call the 'luxury theme' of the Bliss brand.

In further news, Cadbury hope to match the _4_ of their cult 2007 Gorilla campaign with the launch of a new advertising campaign, to show on television this evening.

The commercial, set in a charity shop after dark, sees suits and dresses leap off the rails and take to the shop floor in an _5_ disco dance to Jermaine Stewart's 1986 classic We don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off.

One person sure to be tapping their foot to the song is Carole Middleton, who _6_ the song be played at the royal wedding reception.

True or False

Decide if these statements are true or false:

  1. Anotomicals is company famous for making chocolate.
  2. The article mentions three new products.
  3. You will be able to buy the products in most shops.
  4. You can also eat these new products.
  5. Carole Middleton uses these products on her feet.

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Now choose the correct 6 missing words:

  • Missing word 1 is:
  • Missing word 2 is:
  • Missing Word 3:
  • Missing Word 4:
  • Missing Word 5:
  • Missing Word 6: