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Happy Halloween!

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Read through this short story. Which words do you think are missing?

Jennifer loved Halloween when she was young. One year she and her friends put on their Halloween costumes and went _1_ for sweets around the neighbourhood. That year Jennifer dressed up as a _2_ with a big black pointy hat, broomstick and long black dress.

There was a _3_ old house right at the top of her street that people said was by _4_ ghosts. No one was sure if anybody actually lived in the house because no one was ever seen entering or leaving the place.

Jennifer's friends dared her to go and knock on the front door of the old house. Poor Jennifer really didn’t want to, but she knew she couldn't tell her friends she was scared.

Jennifer checked her watch, it was nearly _5_. That made it even scarier! Her friends watched from a safe distance out in the street as Jennifer walked up the long garden path to the big door.

Using her _6_ to guide her in the dark, she slowly made her way closer and closer to the house. When she was about half way there, her flashlight went out! She almost turned and ran all the way back, but she knew that would make her friends laugh at her.

With only the _7_ from above to light her way, she gathered all her courage and walked the remaining distance to the door.

Her hands were shaking as she knocked. In the silence of the night the sound of the knock was so much louder than she expected that she almost jumped back in _8_!

She held her breath, crossed her fingers and hoped no one would open the door.

Just as she was about to turn and leave, the old door _9_ open. Jennifer could not have been more surprised to see the sweetest looking little old lady standing right in front of her.

The old lady smiled warmly at Jennifer and explained that she although she had been living in the house for many years, this was the first time anyone had come trick or treating.

Every year she bought sweets and _10_ for children but no one ever came. The old lady was so happy that she gave Jennifer a big bag of treats and told her to come and visit her again.

Jennifer soon began regularly visiting the old lady and before long they became the best of friends.

Now choose the correct ten missing words. Use each word only once:

  • 1. The missing word is:

  • 2. The missing word is:

  • 3. The missing word is:

  • 4. The missing word is:

  • 5. The missing word is:

  • 6. The missing word is:

  • 7. The missing word is:

  • 8. The missing word is:

  • 9. The missing word is:

  • 10. The missing word is: