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Hard and Hardly

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Hard (adjective)

When something is difficult to understand or do, it is hard.

These questions are too hard for me.
Learning another language is hard.
She was given a hard task.
I'm tired. I've been working hard all day.

Hard (ajective)

When something is solid, firm and difficult to break or bend.

A hard metal chair.
Wait for the concrete to go hard.
Diamonds are the hardest materials known to man.
The ground is hard after last night's cold weather.


Hardly (adverb)

Hardly means only just, almost not possible or almost not at all.

I've got hardly any money left.
I hardly know her.
I could hardly hear what she was saying.
I could hardly speak any English when I was young.

Now complete these sentences with the correct word to complete each sentence:

  • 1) I find it ___ to wake up in the morning.

  • 2) The dish broke on the ___ floor.

  • 3) You ___ ever call me anymore.

  • 4) She always finds it ___ to remember people's names.

  • 5) I had ___ sat down when someone knocked on the front door.

  • 6) He's ___ studied for the exam.

  • 7) It was the ___ thing I have ever done.

  • 8) ___ a day goes by without my father calling me.

  • 9) This is ___ the time to discuss this matter.

  • 10) We were finding it ___ to concentrate.