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Have, Take, Make and Give

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We use verbs like have, take, make and give with nouns like a shower, a drink, a mistake, advice:
I took a shower.
I had a drink.
I made a mistake.
He gave me some advice.

With verbs like this the important part of the meaning is taken out of the verb and put into the noun. We usually put adjectives in front of the nouns:
I took a hot shower.
I had a cool drink.
I made a silly mistake.
He gave me some good advice.


We use have with:
Food and drink: a meal, lunch, dinner etc.
Communicating: a chat, a conversation etc.
Washing: a bath, a shower...
Breaks: a holiday, a rest, a break...
Arguments: an argument, a fight, a disagreement...
We can also use have with nouns made from verbs:
Have a drink, swim, bite...


We use take with:
Washing: a bath, a shower...
Breaks: a holiday, a rest, a break...
We also use take with these expressions:
Take care, take the trouble, take care of, take a photograph.
And with some verbs formed from nouns:
Take a walk, take a look.


We use give with:
Facial expressions: a smile, a laugh, a look...
Making noises: a shout, a cry, a scream...
Hitting: a kick, a punch, a slap...
Actions like: a hug, a kiss...
Communicating: some advice, an answer, a speech, a talk, a report...


We use make with:
Sounds and speaking: a comment, a noise, a promise, a suggestion...
Plans: a choice, a decision, plans, a date, an appointment...

The important thing when practising using these verbs is to make a note of the verb used with the nouns. In other words remember the combination of verb and the noun it is used with.

Lesson by Tristan, teacher at EC Malta English school

Choose the correct verb for these sentences:

  • 1 - He ___ me some excellent advice.

  • 2 - Why don't you ___ a nice cool long drink?

  • 3 - After a whole day at work I got home and ___ a long hot bath.

  • 4 - He realised that he had ___ a serious mistake.

  • 5 - I ___ a nice relaxing holiday in Greece.

  • 6 - When we were on holiday in London we ___ loads of photographs.

  • 7 - You can see the mountains from this window. Come and ___ a look.

  • 8 - Jane is very organised. She’s the one who ___ plans for our group.

  • 9 - They ___ a serious fight because of the new marketing proposals.

  • 10 - Thank you for ___ the trouble to come over to discuss the situation.

  • 11 - We ___ dinner at that fabulous Italian restaurant.

  • 12 - I can't wait for it to be warm enough to ___ a swim in the lake.

  • 13 - |The CEO ___ a motivating speech at the annual conference.

  • 14 - She ___ him such a seductive smile that he was speechless for a while.