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Health Vocabulary

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Here are ten useful words for talking about health. Read through the list of words below and see if you can fit them into the correct sentence.

Vocabulary realted to health

Midwife - a person (usually a woman) who helps a woman when she is giving birth to a child.
Bruise - (noun) a dark and painful area on your skin that is caused by an injury. It often changes colour as it gets better.
Ache - (noun) a pain.
Disease - (noun) an illness that affects a person.
Plaster - (noun) a piece of material that is put on the skin over a small wound.
Nauseous - (adjective) feeling like you are about to vomit (throw up).
Prescription - (noun) a written message from a doctor that says which medicine you need.
Injection - (noun) the process of using a needle to put a drug or medicine into the body through the skin.
Cough - (noun) a short loud noise that is made through your mouth when you are sick. Cigarette smoke may make you cough.
Painful - (adjective) - something that hurts you or causes pain is painful.

Now choose the correct missing word in each sentence:

  • 1. I've got terrible tooth ___. I think I need to see a dentist.

  • 2. Cancer is a devastating ___.

  • 3. I felt really ___ during my first trimester of pregnancy. I wanted to be sick all the time.

  • 4. My husband has a huge ___ on his leg from where he fell off his bike the other day.

  • 5. I have to have an ___ next Tuesday. I'm terrified, I hate needles.

  • 6. Have you got a ___? Abigail has scraped her knee.

  • 7. I really like my ___. I'm sure I will feel safe in her hands during labour.

  • 8. I need a new ___ for my migraine medicine.

  • 9. Why is it that papercuts are so ___? They're so tiny!

  • 10. My teenage daughter has an awful ___. I hope she hasn’t started smoking.