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How to agree in English

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When you have the same opinion about something as another person you agree with them.

Agree is a verb; the opposite verb is disagree. The noun form is agreement; the opposite word is disagreement.

Agreeing in English

We should leave early tomorrow.
I agree (with you)

I think Taylor Swift is the best singer.
I totally agree.

We should go to that new Italian resturant.
I'm with you.

We should have invited Sabine.
I feel/think the same.

It was much easier than we thought.

We should all take good walking shoes.
I think so too.

We really must plan a party for Ahmed.
I couldn't agree more.

Let's watch a movie

She looks like my sister.
You're absolutely right.

Agreeing with positive statements

I was born in London.
Me too.

I love learning English.
So do I.

I'm Spanish.
So am I.

I've been to Scotland.
So have I.

Agreeing with negative statements

I can't swim.
Neither can I.

I shouldn't smoke.
Neither should I.

I don't like winter.
I don't either.

I don't eat meat.
Me neither.

I'm not going out this weekend.
Nor me.