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How to describe objects

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Learning English means hearing many new words you've never come across before. When you talking to someone and say a word you don't know it's important for you to find out what it is. Here's how we can ask for the meaning of a noun and how we can describe objects. This exercise will help you learn a few useful expressions as well as reviewing your vocabulary. How many of these objects do you know?

What's a pen? It's something we use to write with.

What's a balloon? It's a brightly coloured rubber bag that gets bigger when filled with air or gas. They are used as party decorations.

What's a spoon? It's the thing we use to stir your coffee / it's the thing we use to eat soup with.

What's a telescope? It's the tube shaped object we use to see the stars or things that are far away.

What's a lawn-mover? It's the thing we use to cut grass.

What's a giraffe? It's an African animal that has a very long neck.

Is there an objects that is unique to your country or culture that native English-speakers might not know. What is it's name and what is it used for? Write a sentence describing this object in the comments area.

Now read through these questions and decide which objects are being described:

  • 1) What's a stamp?

  • 2) It's the spicy, dark powder that's made from crushed seeds we use to flavour food.

  • 3) It's the school subject where you learn about the past.

  • 4) What's a plate?

  • 5) Scissors are the things we use to ___.

  • 6) A ___ a small creature with a long , soft body and a round shell.

  • 7) A stethoscope is the thing a doctor uses to ____.