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Improve your grammar - new comparative forms!

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We have previously looked at how to make comparative adjectives using the following structure:

Cool becomes Cooler
Interesting becomes more interesting

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Today we look at another way to do this, plus, comparing two things that are the same.

Making Comparatives

Instead of saying Tom is taller than Robert we can also say:

Robert is not as tall as Tom.

Both of these sentences have the same meaning and the adjective (in the second sentence) always takes the base form (tall) - not the comparative form (taller).

The rule to remember is:

A is + not as + adjective + as B
(Robert is not as tall as Tom)

Let's take a look at some other examples:

Poland is not as big as Russia (Russia is bigger)
Basketball is not as good as football (football is better)
Silver is not as expensive as gold (gold is more expensive)

Showing no difference

When two things are the same and have no difference between them we use the following form:

A is as adjective as B

Take a look at some examples:

Jessica Alba is as beautiful as Charlize Theron (they have the same amount of beauty)
He is as old as me (they are the same age)
Chinese food is as delicious as Indian food (they both taste equally great!)

Now take the general knowledge quiz below!

Link: How to use Would

  • Johnny Depp is not as old as Brad Pitt.

  • Brazil is not as large as Argentina.

  • The Amazon river is not as long as the Nile.

  • Everest is not as high as K2.