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In the news: Europe's Cold, Cold Winter!

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Some of the coldest weather for years has been sweeping across Europe recenty. It has been causing problems for millions all over the continent. Have you been following the reports on English media? Let's see how well you know the language that's being used in the news to cover this story.

Here in Malta we're grateful that we've had none of the snow or cold. In fact, we're having a mild winter!

Wherever you are at the moment, be careful and take care.

Has the cold weather been affecting you? Let us know how the weather is in your part of the world.



  • 1 - Freezing temperatures around the UK have ___ the lives of many people.

  • 2 - Flights have been ___ by airlines because of snow.

  • 3 - Some passangers are ___ in airports waiting to fly.

  • 4 - Many European countries are not eqquiped for ___ tempartures.

  • 5 - Driving in these conditions is particularly ____.

  • 6 - Cars can easily become ___ in the snow.

  • 7 - Hundreds of car ___ have been reported in many European countries.

  • 8 - Heavy ___ can trigger power cuts.

  • 9 - In France, power lines snapped under the ___ of snow.

  • 10 - UK temperatures have dropped as ___ as -22C (-8F) in some parts.