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In the news: Germans prefer internet to love!

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How much do you love your mobile-phone and using the internet? Would you be willing to dump your husband or wife in order to keep using them? It seems crazy, but a recent survey conducted in Germany found that 84 percent of people interviewed said they would rather be without their current partner (or car) than be without their internet or mobile-phone. 97 percent of people said it was unthinkable to image life without a mobile-phone.

The one thousand interviewees were all 19-29 years of age.

In the same survey, 50 percent said they had made new friends online and eight percent said they found a partner online.

It was also discovered that  young people's attitudes towards the internet is shared by people in their 30s and 40s. There only seems to be a digital divide between people over and under 50. 50-year-olds seem to be less reliant on technology than younger users.

How about you? Could you face life without the internet? Would you sacrifice a relationship for it? Let us know what you think!

Now match up the key words to their definitions:

Link: In the news '13-year-old father'

  • People who answer questions in a survey:
  • To end a romantic relationship:
  • To give up something that is important to you in return for help:
  • Separation:
  • Organised and performed an activity:
  • Dependant::
  • Deal with: