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In the news: Wild animal photos & 'Tiger selfies'

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Here's an article from 'The Guardian' about the rise in the popularity of 'tiger selfies', and the harm this social activity is causing...

An animal protection charity is _1_ tourists to turn down opportunities to take photos of themselves with wild animals, as a growing number of such images, including “tiger selfies”, surface online.

Coinciding with Global Tiger Day, 'Care for the Wild International', which is pushing their No Photos, Please! campaign into Thailand next month, wants to highlight the _2_ the photos have on wildlife.

Speaking to The Guardian, the charity’s campaigns and communications manager Chris Pitt said: “People want to copy the photos they’ve seen online, which leads to more animal suffering.”

He added: “A lot of us when we’ve travelled have seen an opportunity to take a photo with a monkey on your shoulder. In Thailand it’s very popular to have a photo with a slow loris – people are encouraged to think they’re cute and good for a photo but these are _3_ animals from the jungle being dragged around neon-lit resorts, with their teeth and claws _4_ , having cameras flashed in their eyes.”

As well as the risk to wildlife, tourists are also be putting themselves at danger for the sake of a photo. Care for the Wild International _5_ that at the Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, a popular tourist destination for Brits, Australians and New Zealanders, there are up to 60 _6_ a year (of varying _7_) of captive tigers _8_ tourists or volunteers.

Now, choose the correct word from the list below to fill the missing blanks!

- calling on - (to call on) To officially ask a person or an organisation to do something

- impact - an effect or an influence

- nocturnal - used to describe animals who are active during the night, rather than during the day

- clipped - cut short.

- estimates - (to estimate) To say what you think an amount or value will be

- incidents - something that happens, usually a dangerous event

- severity - seriousness; level of being serious

- mauling - if an animal 'mauls a person' or other animal, it attacks them with its claws and teeth, usually causing serious injury.

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