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In the news: UK music award

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The Beatles, Rolling Stones, David Bowie and the Sex Pistols - the UK has produced some very influential musicians over the years. Even today British artists like One Direction, Coldplay and Adele sell millions of albums worldwide.

To celebrate British music the Mercury Prize is annually awarded for the best album from the United Kingdom and Ireland. This award usually ignores the more established acts (like Coldplay) in favour of lesser-known, obscure bands. Although these bands are not as famous as some others in the UK, winning the prestigious award gives them more recognition and exposes more people to their music.

This year's winner will be chosen from a shortlist of 12 artists. The most recognisable name on the list is Blur singer Damon Albarn. Among the intriguing other nominations are poet Kate Tempest, jazz trio GoGo Penguin and hip-hop act Young Fathers.

Past winners of the award include James Blake, Alt-J and The XX.

The overall winner will be announced at a ceremony in London in October.

How familiar are you with these musicians? Do you have a favourite UK artist?

Now decide which words in the text are being described:

  • 1) Having the power to cause changes:

  • 2) To pay no attention:

  • 3) Not known by many people:

  • 4) Respected and admired:

  • 5) A small number of people/things that have been selected from a larger group and are being considered to receive an award:

  • 6) Very interesting because of being unusual:

  • 7) The act of officially suggesting someone for a prize:

  • 8) Including everyone or everything: