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In The News: Obama Wins!

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President Barack Obama _1_ been re-elected to a second term, defeating Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

In a speech _2_ almost 25 minutes, the President insisted he had hope for the future but admitted there was "more work to do".

Four years ago, he became the first African American elected president. On Tuesday he became the first president _3_ Franklin Roosevelt to win a second election when unemployment was so high and voters nervous about the nation's future.

Experts were predicting it _4_ be a close election but they were stunned by suddenness with which victory was declared for Obama.

Voter turnout was reported to be high, with long queues at some polling stations following the most expensive presidential battle in US history at a cost of £1.3 billion. Pre-election polls showed Romney holding an advantage among white men while Obama had the edge with white women, and Obama receiving overwhelming support among minorities.

The writing was on the wall for Mr Romney after several key states, including New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan had been called for the Democrats. Addressing supporters in Boston after calling Mr Obama _5_ confirm his loss, Romney said it was time "to put people before parties" to solve America's problems.

In Chicago, as crowds waited for Mr. Obama to _6_ his victory speech, his supporters cheers and car horns honked from the street as people chanted the president's name.

Useful Words

Term - the fixed period of time when someone does an important job or is in a particular place.
Voter turnout - the amount of people who go to vote at an election.
Queue -  a row of people waiting for something, one behind the other in a line.
Polling station - the place people go to vote.
Poll - when people are asked questions to discover what they think about a subject.
Minorities - groups of people whose race is different from the race of most of the people where they live.

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