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Irregular Adjectives in Comparatives

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Regular Adjectives

Most adjectives follow one of these rules when making comparatives.

One syllable words add er:

New becomes newer

Two or more syllable words add more first:

Intelligent becomes more intelligent

Words that end in y become ier:

pretty become prettier

Words that end in er add er:

Clever becomes cleverer

Words that end in le add er:

Simple becomes simpler

Words that end in ow add er:

Yellow becomes yellower

Irregular Adjectives

There are also irregular adjectives which don't follow set rules. Here are the most common.

Good becomes Better

The book was better than the movie.

Well becomes Better, when talking about health.

I'm feeling much better today than yesterday.

Bad becomes Worse

The weather is getting worse and worse.

Far becomes Farther, when talking about phsyical distance

She ran farther than the rest.

Far becomes Further, when talking about metaphorically

I want to further my understanding of computers.

Little becomes Less, when talking amount

I have less time than usual.

Small becomes Smaller, when talking about size

I have a small bag. It's smaller than yours.

  • 1 - The food here gets ___ every time I come.

  • 2 - I think the room will look ___ if we paint it red.

  • 3 - Your house is ____ away than mine.

  • 4 - We need ___ information before making a decision.

  • 5 - There is ___ snow than last year.

  • 6 - The village seems ___ than when I was a child.