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Is working at night bad for you?

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A new study has found that it is better for you to work 'normal' fixed hours, like a 9-to-5 job, than shift work, where your hours change from day to day or week to week.

The study published in the journal, 'Occupational and Environmental Medicine' found that long-term shift work can age your brain, cause memory loss, reduce processing speed and result in a decline in overall brain function.

Researchers believe that working irregular hours, like working nights, disrupts your natural body clock, that is based on natural day and night cycles. Because the body's internal clock is designed for us to be active in the day and asleep at night, working nights can affect your brain's ability to function normally.

The study found it can take up to 5 years for your brain to recover from the damage done after giving up shift work.

Previous studies have also shown that night workers are vitamin D deficient because the are exposed to less sunlight.

Now choose the correct definitions of these words:

  • 1) Shift work means:

  • 2) Long-term means:

  • 3) Decline means:

  • 4) Irregular means:

  • 5) Internal means:

  • 6) Giving up means:

  • 7) Deficient means: