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Learn American Idioms

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Here's a nice lesson for you if you are learning English in the USA or you are interested in American English. It is a good idea to learn some idioms that are most commonly used in the country you're staying in! Here are some American idioms for you to look through. Can you match each idiom to the sentence it belongs to?

I've written the literal meanings of the idioms to help you. Good luck!

Lesson by Caroline

American English Idioms

Feel like a million dollars - feel beautiful or wonderful
Cat got your tongue? - not speaking for some reason
Get off someone's back - stop pressuring me
To spill the beans - to tell someone a secret
Cough up - to pay money you owe
To make ends meet - to have enough money to pay for everything
Don't hold your breath - don't wait for too long
To fish for a compliment - to invite someone to say nice things

Now choose the correct idiom for each sentence:

  • 1. Since she lost weight, she is always ___.

  • 2. You owe me 20 dollars, come on, ___!

  • 3. When I put on my wedding dress, I ___.

  • 4. If there's something you want to say then say it! What's the matter? ___.

  • 5. I told you that I'm not going to finish that work today so please, ___!

  • 6. Mary told me you had something to tell me, so come on, ___!

  • 7. Since Jason lost his job it has been really hard to ___.

  • 8. If you're waiting for man to land on the moon again then I wouldn't ___.