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Learn English in San Diego

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As well as this wonderful website, we at EC run a number of schools around the world. It's our job to help English learners reach their goals. EC San Diego English language school is one of four schools we have in America. Perhaps our schools in New York, Boston and San Francisco are in more famous cities. Here's your chance to brush up on your vocabulary while learning a little about San Diego.

  • 1 - San Diego is in the ___ of California.

  • 2 - EC San Diego's English language school is ___ in the beautiful area of La Jolla.

  • 3 - San Diego is the ___, and apart from LA, the biggest city in California.

  • 4 - The city was ___ the fifth best place to live in 2006 by Money Magazine.

  • 5 - San Diego's ___ is characterized by warm, dry summers and mild winters.

  • 6 - Tourism is a major ___ in San Diego.

  • 7 - The geographical ___ of La Jolla is its ocean front.

  • 8 - Prospect Street, home of EC San Diego, is a popular ___ and shopping district.

  • 9 - San Diego is very close to the ___ with Mexico.

  • 10 - Surfing is a popular ___ in the area.