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Learn English Slang - 5 new words

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Here are 5 common English slang words. Remember that slang is very casual and should only be used in informal situations. These words are usually used by young-adults. I'll let you decide if you are too old to use them!

to cane

To do something at high speed or recklessly (British English only):

"I caned it all the way down the motorway. I've never driven so fast."

To drink or eat something quickly and completely:

"I can't believe you caned that whole cake."

to chill (out)

To relax. Chill can be used as a verb and chill out as a phrasal verb. Both have the same meaning:

"Let's just chill out on the beach while the weather's nice."

to dis

To treat someone with disrespect / to disrespect someone; to insult someone:

As a verb: "I don't think you should of dissed him in front of everyone. He looked really upset."
As a noun: "That was a big dis. I wish you wouldn't dis people like that."


to lift

To steal (Mostly American English):

"Someone lifted Sarah's purse from her bag."

to neck

Like cane, it is used when you drink something quickly. Often used to describe finishing a beer in one gulp (British English only):

"Hurry up. Neck your beer and let's go!"

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  • Are you ___ me?

  • You've got to learn to chill ___ sometimes.

  • Did you see how fast Sam ___ his drink?

  • My bag got ___ at the station.

  • He was ___ it all the way down from Bristol.

  • You shouldn't ___ him in public like that.

  • She's one of the most ___ people I have ever met. She's always so relaxed.