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Linking words 2

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Look at the linking words in these sentences:

"They arrived home just as I was about to call the police."
just as – at the same time or at the start of another action.

"The workers stopped as soon as the bell rang."
as soon as – immediately after

"The plumber had gone by the time I got home."
by the time – the action finished before the next one.

"She said she would go as long as her friend was invited."
as long as – provided that, only if

"We used to spend the afternoon playing in the park unless the weather was bad."
unless – but not if, if not

"He wore his jacket even though it was freezing outside."
even though – although

"I decided to take my umbrella in case it rained."
in case – do something because of a possible situation in the future.

Notice that certain linking words have almost the same meaning; as soon as – just as but the difference is slightly different. ‘just as’ is normally used if one action happens immediately before or during another action but ‘as soon as’ is normally used when one action immediately follows another

'by the time' is normally used with the perfect aspect.

'as long as', 'unless' and 'in case' are linking words used in conditional clauses and follow the same structure as 'if' clauses but with different meaning.

Lesson by Tristan

Linking Words 1

Now choose the correct linking word or phrase in these sentences:

  • 1 - I'll give you an answer ___ I decide.

  • 2 - I received the e-mail ___ I was about to log off.

  • 3 - My children had already gone to bed ___ I arrived home.

  • 4 - You can go to that restaurant ___ you wear a tie.

  • 5 - Take my number ___ you need to call me.

  • 6 - He never went swimming ___ it was perfectly calm.

  • 7 - He only wore a t-shirt ___ it was freezing.

  • 8 - I always carry an umbrella ___ it rains.