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Money Phrasal Verbs!

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Following my listening lesson on money, I thought I’d give you some extra, more advanced vocabulary, on the topic of money. I have written the meanings of some common phrasal verbs used when we talk about money. Can you decide which phrasal verb belongs in each sentence?

Get by - to have just enough money for what you need in life.
Pay back - to return money that you owe.
Save up - to keep money to achieve a certain goal e.g. buying a house.
Splash out on - to spend freely on something without worrying about it.
Chip in - to contribute some money with other people.
Cut back - to spend less money generally
To rip someone off - to charge someone too much money for something.

Lesson by Caroline

  • 1. I'm trying to ___ to buy a new Ipod. My old one got stolen.

  • 2. I need to ___ on my spending. Last month I spent £200 on shoes!

  • 3. I think I'm going to ___ a new dress for her wedding.

  • 4. I need to stop worrying about my sister. She’s a student so she hasn't got much money, but I’m sure she’s ___.

  • 5. That restaurant completely ___! They charged us for two bottles of wine and we only had one.

  • 6. I need to ___ my flatmate for the food she bought last week.

  • 7. It's Becky’s baby shower next week. Instead of buying her separate presents, why don't we all ___ and buy her something big together.