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Music Lesson: Fred Jones Part Two

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Here's some listening practise for you using a song by Ben Folds. Just listen and complete the gaps with the missing words. What do you think this song is about? Ben Folds is a wonderful musician whose clear singing voice could help you practise your English! Why not listen to some of his other songs?

Fred Jones Part Two

Fred sits alone at his _1_ in the dark
There's an awkward young shadow that waits in the hall
He's cleared all his things and he's put them in _2_
Things that remind him: 'Life has been good'
Twenty-five years
He's worked at the_3_
A man's here to take him downstairs
And I'm sorry, Mr. Jones
It's time
There was no _4_, there were no songs
'Cause today's just a day like the day that he started
No one is left here that knows his first _5_
And life barrels on like a runaway train
Where the _6_ change
They don't change anything
You get off; someone else can get on
And I'm sorry, Mr. Jones
It's time
Streetlight shines through the shades
Casting lines on the floor, and lines on his _7_
He reflects on the day
Fred gets his paints out and goes to the basement
Projecting some slides onto a plain white
Canvas and traces it
Fills in the spaces
He turns off the slides, and it doesn't look right
Yeah, and all of these b***tards
Have taken his _8_
He's forgotten but not yet gone
And I'm sorry, Mr. Jones
And I'm sorry, Mr. Jones
And I'm sorry, Mr. Jones
It's time

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Today's lesson is by Caroline

  • Missing word 1 is:
  • Missing word 2 is:
  • Missing word 3 is:
  • Missing word 4 is:
  • Missing word 5 is:
  • Missing word 6 is:
  • Missing word 7 is:
  • Missing word 8 is: